Bryan Coppede

Bryan Coppede


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Brooklyn-based still and motion photographer Bryan Coppede loves to tell a good story. He just prefers to let the camera do the talking. His process includes research, scouting, thinking through questions that spark his curiosity and touch his heart, and interviewing his subjects in a way that helps them relax, open up and reveal their inner truths. He works hard to see them through the lenses of empathy and compassion. “I’m not just looking for a portrait,” he says, “I’m looking for a story.”

Bryan believes that the best work comes from being open and present, translating what he sees and hears into beautiful, yet relatable images that strike a balance between artistry and honesty. He’s equally comfortable working with a full crew or in a leaner, small-footprint production mode.

Particularly drawn to artisans and craftspeople, he is always curious to look behind the scenes at the skill and discipline they bring to the objects they craft with their own two hands—from hats and bikes to furniture and guitar amps. His recent work has focused on artisanal food and agricultural producers, including growers, family farmers, winemakers and beekeepers. He also loves amplifying stories that bring issues of social justice and equity to light.

Bryan’s own artisan endeavors include a budding bonsai-growing practice, playing acoustic and electric guitar, and listening again and again to his musical heroes. His top five list: Led Zeppelin, Santana, Clapton, Miles and the Allman Brothers, in no particular order. Except Led Zeppelin always comes first.